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Day 6 : Back in the mountains

Today we made a good start. The sun was shining and in the village was a bakery, a store, and a post office all close together. We bought nice apricot croissants. There was a nice long descent. I only wished I had put my jacket on, because it was pretty cold. Later we sat down to eat on a bench. The weather seemed to take a turn for the worst, so we put on our water-resistant trousers and warm jackets. There was a flat section of about 40 km where we could put in some kilometers. During the afternoon it was hot. The entire day we were looking forward to a piece of road that our route description listed as: 'ignore barriers and sign indicating dead end, terrible road for one kilometer'. When we finally arrived, it turned out that the road had recently been asphalted into a perfect cycling path, which was a pity.

french countryside

Just a photo because otherwise we wouldn't have any

French countryside

It finally became sunny again.

Throughout the day, we approached the route we had cycled last year, in Til-Chatel we crossed it. Nearby we had dinner.

Distance cycled : 157.47 km

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