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Day 6 : Basque country
In the morning it rained. Fortunately, it stopped around 9:30 and we could leave in good weather. While packing our stuff, two people in the tent across from us continuously watched. I decided to spy back on them.

100cols 040.jpg

Spy picture 1

100cols 041.jpg

Spy picture 2

When we got on our bikes and drove off we waived, they didn't wave back. From there on the route description was less elaborate, so we had to look at the map more often. The route also went over slightly larger roads.


Lunch consisted of a can of pears, a pack of 8 yogurts, and some baguettes. After eating, we descended out of the village. We thought we had taken a wrong turn because the road number didn't match the route description. We returned to the town and after checking multiple times, concluded we had been on the right road all along. After cycling over large, relatively flat roads, we came onto a huge N-type road that was almost perfectly flat and straight. Because the 100 cols tour is never level, we suspected we had taken a wrong turn. That turned out to be correct. Eventually we did find our way again.


On another big road, we carefully cycled behind each other. On top of a hill, the road took a turn to the right. A car passed us, driving way too much on the left side. At the same time another vehicle came from the other direction. We heard a loud bang. The car that had passed us turned into a side road, its mirror had broken. A while later, the other car drove by fast, probably searching for the first one, but it was invisible from the main road.

Near the end of the day all towns' names came in two languages: Basque and French. We had arrived in the Basque country and were close to the Pyrenees. Today's campsite was pretty good. Most campsites didn't have much grass left, and the ground was super hard. This one still had grass and there was a bar. We went for a shower and then had a beer. Of course they had Basque beer, which we wanted to try. The owner of the campsite also worked in the bar. She told us that the name of the beer 'Akerbeltz' meant 'black buck'. There were also antlers of one of those bucks in the bar. Just like all other Basque people,she was really patriotic. 

Distance cycled : 139 km.

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