Day 5 : Toilets

The next day we woke up again. Considering I had been sleeping in a tractor track and was seriously dehydrated I had slept pretty well. When we were packing we discovered that Bart had a punctured tire because a corn stalk had poked through. While he was fixing it, I was busy complaining about how he shouldn't have picked his racing bike for this trip.


Last year Bart also went on his racing bike, which meant I had to cycle much harder because of my heavier bike. I had asked him to go on his regular bike so I wouldn't be destroyed after a week. His response was 'If I go on my normal bike I will never survive this'. So I had to keep up with his racing bike, but the both of us traveling on our regular bikes would be too tough. Bart suggested I should have gone on my racing bike, but I said it would fall apart before the end, just like Bart's bike had done last time. Before the end of this trip it would become clear who was right, but more about that later. [Bart: my regular bike had been stolen so I had to pick either my racing bike or one with only one gear].


We went to get food. Because Bart's hands were covered in grease the owner allowed/forced him to wash his hands. Afterwards we ate in front of the supermarket while being surrounded by wasps. Fortunately neither of us got stung. About 10 km later Bart had to go to the bathroom. See, Bart has some typical habits regarding bathroom breaks during our cycling vacations. On past trips he didn't go at all for the first 4 or 5 days, but this time he was determined to make up for that. The entire trip I was forced to eat whole grain bread so he could poop. It helped, but now he had to go three times a day.

We came across a very rare public toilet. I went first and after Bart had entered I told him 'Bart there is no toilet paper', then followed a long silence after which Bart spoke the legendary words: 'I will make sure to wash my hands when I am done'. I am not exactly sure what happened in there but I am not touching his hands ever again, especially because he repeated the same thing a few days later, with the only difference that he didn't even use his hands this time.

Next we came across one of the busiest parts of our way south. In a way that was nice because the big, straight N-roads allowed us to cycle fast. We also had a tail-wind so we averaged about 28 km/h for 50 km.

100 cols tocht

Lunch in some village

Eventually we arrived in the city Romans. After inspecting our maps something wonderful happened. A woman around our age cycled around the corner on a bike with panniers. I think this was literally the first time that had happened in 5 years. The first thing I thought was that she couldn't be single, and immediately afterwards her boyfriend came around the corner. A while later we passed them again and even Bart, who is in a relationship, said it was 'interesting' to see someone like that.

A while later we had lost directions again but with the help of some French women we found the correct road. The roads were getting more hilly so our pace declined a little. We passed a decorated house we had also seen two years ago. Everything on and around the house was painted in bright colors and decorated with weird things. On a big rock was painted 'everyone who comes as a friend is welcome, but the doors will be closed on enemies'. Just when we were taking a picture the owner shut the door.

Strange French people

The decorated house

It took quite a climb to reach the campsite, while we were already tired. When we asked if there was room for us the owner joked that his campsite was full but there was another one 30 km away. He also said Bart looked like a famous French cyclists in his youth. After we had pitched our stuff we took a shower and again ate and drank on our bivy bags. After one sip of wine my legs felt like pudding and after finishing the bottle I felt right a sleep.

Distance cycled : 162 km