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Black Forest - Day 7: From Bad Herrenalb to Herrenwies.

In the morning we took our time to load all our gear on our bikes. We continued to the next campsite, which was about 30 km further. We had to climb the same road as yesterday, but now with luggage. After a small decent the road went steep uphill and then followed a river upstream.


A foggy view along the route

A picture to prove we both came here by bike

It had already been raining all day, but it was getting worse. Finding the road to the campsite was not easy. It wasn't fun to be riding around like this. When we arrived the campsite seemed boring. We took some shelter from the rain and discussed our options. We decided to go to another place. We were already soaking wet and cold and now needed to descent and then climb again. It was ridiculously cold to go downhill at 40 km/h. It was the only time I had rather cycled up than downhill. We did make a nice photo of the foggy mountains.


After the rain the fog rose up from the valley

We didn't have food for lunch, because we hadn't passed any village yet. At the top of the mountain was a souvenir shop where I bought a snickers. They also had a nice bag saying 'my parents visited the Black Forest and the only thing they got me was this 'scheisse tasse''. Back downhill we passed a reservoir. 

The reservoir near Herrenwies, it wasn't very deep.

Because of the rain we could see about as far ahead as when it was dark. This made it hard to find the campsite, but we eventually succeeded. The campsite was much nicer than the previous one, we could even buy fresh bread for the next morning so we wouldn't starve. We rang a bell at the front desk and an old lady emerged. She said we should pitch our tent before paying, because it would rain soon. 

We cooked pasta, our last remaining item of food,
 underneath the tent's awning to try warm ourselves. We didn't have any sauce and the pasta turned out disgusting. Meanwhile we analyzed the other visitors. Next to our tent was a family with a mobile home and a tent. They were playing all sorts of bad music, the backstreet boy kind. One time, just before we entered our tent, we heard 'wow, he is just in shorts, he must be cold'. There was also someone who seemed cycling vacation worthy, she was packing her tent in the rain without a raincoat. She didn't look bad either.

We didn't have any food for dinner so we asked the old lady if there was some place to eat in the village. There apparently was a small restaurant near the church. It was Tuesday so we didn't expect it to be closed. Of course it was. A nearby ski hut was also closed. We had come by foot, so we went back to the campsite to get our bikes and cycle to the next village. Maybe we would find some food there, although that village also small.


When we had climbed out of the valley we saw a sign indicating a dining place 600 meters away. That was also closed on Tuesdays, and even worse, normally at 8. Every place we had seen thus far closed before 8. The next sign pointed towards the 'friends of nature house', which apparently also had food. The sign said it was open on Tuesday. However, it was already 7:55 and it was still 1.5 km away. We raced through the forest to try to get there on time.


We entered just before 8. There was a group of people who stayed there overnight and were drinking. I asked if we could still order dinner, and if they were actually open, luckily the answer to both questions was yes. We ordered schnitzel with fries. The frying pan was turned on while we drank a well deserved white beer. Our salads were finished quickly, so we already started on those. We heard the people behind us say 'they order schnitzel at this time of day', like we wouldn't understand if they said 'schnitzel' in German. The salad was good, especially because we were hungry and, in contrast to our tent, warm. 


We each received a big plate of fries with 2 schnitzels, the owner said 'here you guys won't starve'. When we finished everything we both bought a beer mug with the logo of the friends of nature house. That way they owner knew we appreciated that he had cooked diner for us after the kitchen closed and we each had a nice souvenir. The mug was a real stone one, not the cheap plastic ones we had seen earlier. The ride back was amazing. We were warm and full of food and the only thing we had to do was get on our bike and ride downhill. After about 10 minutes we arrived at our tents. After inspecting the mugs one more time we went straight to bed.

Distance cycled : 62 km

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