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Black Forest - Day 4 : Hinterzarten

On Christmas morning we woke up with two centimeters of snow on our tents. For breakfast we ate hard kecks and sausage. We again weren't discovered, but that was perhaps not surprising giving the conditions. It was very cold during the first few kilometers. Nonetheless people were already walking in the forest.

house in the snow

A house in the snow on Christmas morning

We had gotten off the ski path and were walking over an asphalt road for a while. Near its end was a wooden shelter where we made some more soup. It was only 10 o'clock but there already were quite a few people skiing.


We decided to walk to Hinterzarten to buy more food. I didn't have much left and Bart only had two kilos of granola and some cookies. The way to Hinterzarten was easy, but we discovered there was no store there. In a restaurant we ate a real German meal of Schwarzwälder-kirschtorte and bockwurst with bread.


There was supposed to be a trail running directly from Hinterzarten to Freiburg, but we couldn't find it. Instead, we followed a trail that went roughly in the right direction. As I had a few blisters we stopped so I could put on bandaids. Suddenly Bart screamed "YEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess". The manufacturer of his hat claimed it could be worn in four different ways, but didn't explained what they were. Bart had finally figured it out. Here are some pictures of the trail and Bart's hat.

hiking in the black forest

The trail ran along a steep cliff


View in the twilight

small stream in a forest

A mountain stream

different ways to wear a hat

4 ways to wear your hat part 1

different ways to wear a hat

4 ways to wear your hat part 2

different ways to wear a hat

4 ways to wear your hat part 3

different ways to wear a hat

4 ways to wear your hat part 4

black forest in winter

The path we were on

There was no grass or level ground next to the trail and it was quickly getting dark. We climbed up and down the sides of the road a few times to find a good place to sleep, but all level ground was covered with rocks.

sunset in the black forest
sunset in the black forest

View from the mountain we were on


Me and my orange hat

Eventually we just camped on the side of the trail. It was getting windy so we expected it to get cold. It did, and got even more windy. We were on the edge of the mountain with little protection from trees. We heard several wild boar during the night.


Route of day 4

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