Corsica - Prelude
I was planning to graduate in April and was looking forward to a nice vacation. After some searching the choice came down to hiking in either Scotland or the GR20 in Corsica. As it always seems to rain in Scotland I picked Corsica. I had asked Thibaut (one of the French hikers I had met in Iceland) if he wanted to join but he was busy. According to the internet there would still be quite some snow in Corsica in April so I had ordered snowshoes through the Dutch version of Ebay 3 weeks before leaving. Apart from those, my equipment would be pretty similar to what I had carried in Iceland, with the important change that I would bring a gas stove (without the canister), instead of my petrol stove. Maybe I would make it through customs this time..


In the week before I left I graduated from my Masters, obtained a job as PhD student, and had signed the lease for my first apartment. Combined with preparing the hike I had been super busy. Nonetheless everything had gone well, except my snowshoes still hadn't arrived. I emailed the guy again and after 3 days he answered that his wife had accidentally send them to the wrong address. Instead of asking those people to then sent them directly to me (and informing me about it) he had asked those people return them to his address. Nonetheless he guaranteed me he would ship them right away. They still hadn't arrived on the day of my departure. I considered buying new ones, but the only ones I could find weren't made for use with a heavy backpack and I didn't want to end up with two pairs. This was really annoying, according to the internet there was still snow on 70 of the 170 km I had planned to walk.

Staying at home wasn't really an option, so I decided to just go and see how far I could get. In the worst case I would have to plan a slightly different route.