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Corsica - Day 2

I woke up early. The bus driver seemed related to the one I had in Iceland. He at least drove just as recklessly. I literally was nauseous the entire 3,5 hour drive, but made it to Porto Vecchio alive. The landscape seemed a mix between France and Spain. In Porto Vecchio it was 28 degrees. As it had been freezing in the Netherlands, that was quite a change. To be safe I bought an extra water bottle so I could carry more while hiking.

Porto Vechio

Porto Vechio

Porto Vechio

Porto Vecchio

After 1,5 hours the bus to Saint Lucie arrived, from where it was a 6 km walk to the start of the GR20 route in Conca. It was very warm but there were plenty of streams. The route itself went straight uphill. It was doable, but because of all the loose rocks and the heat I was sweating like crazy. After an hour it was 5 o'clock and I called it a day, it would be wise to take a rest after the past two days. I struggled to find bare spots to pitch my tent, let alone level ones.

start of the GR20

The start (or end) of the route

gr20 hike

The route went straight up hill over loose rocks

Along the way I saw two mountain goats and half an hour later a semi-flat piece of ground. I ate before pitching my tent, in case someone would walk by. With the heat I was more in the mood for ice than rice. There was no snow insight, except far away on a mountain top. I started to get sunburned. I had considered bringing sunscreen, but as the weather predictions were sub-20 degrees and potentially snow it hadn't seemed necessary. Apparently those predictions weren't fully accurate. It was quite Bram-ish that I had been worried about my snowshoes and was now in need of sunscreen.


View towards the sea


The next part of the route

camping along the gr20

My camp for the night

The landscape in Corsica had been very nice thus far, but a bit monotonous. I tried to prioritize resting to try to get into a good hiking ritm.

Distance walked: 10,8 km

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