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Iceland - Day 14 : Rain

The sound of the French packing their gear woke me up at 6:45. They planned to walk 35 km today and wanted to start early. By the time I had eaten and packed everything one of them was still busy packing his tent, so I still left before them. 


Nearly all my gear was clean and I had spent about 5 hours in the hot spring yesterday, so I was ready to go. I would have to cross four rivers though. I took a shortcut that saved me about half a kilometers, but I couldn't avoid crossing the river near the campsite. That one was just as cold as all the other ones. However, the second river was my largest yet. It wasn't very dangerous, but I needed to walk slowly and use my hiking poles for stability. At the deepest part the water reached upto my hips. When I reached the opposite shore the French arrived. I figured I would take some pictures of them walking through the river, as it would be hard to do that of myself.

walking through rivers in iceland
crossing rivers in iceland

The 3rd river was an average one and the 4th fortunately had a bridge. It had been raining since 11 so I hadn't taken any breaks except to eat the best apple and tomato ever. From 14:30 onwards I stopped more often as the French were only 2 minutes behind me. The landscape was slowly getting greener.

mountainous view in iceland

The river with the bridge

hiking in iceland

Another selfie

swamps in iceland

Cloudy view along the way

ingolfsskali sign

Around 16:00 the French passed me, by now we had walked 25 kilometers. They wanted to keep going for another 2 hours, but I said I would quit after one more. Along the way we passed tree Dutch cars, which didn't stop. It would have been nice to speak Dutch, my native language, to someone again.

Hikers on a distant mountain ridge

The French in the distance

stopped around 17:00. Only after 15 minutes the French arrived. I was already in my tent writing today's story when I heard MERDE! 'shit'. One of the French was waving his hiking poles angrily. I think he wanted to keep on walking but the other one didn't. Eventually they camped next to me. Nonetheless we all walked 30 kilometers today. 

Distance walked: 30 km

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