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Maroon Bells Wilderness - Day 7

The next morning, we continued our downhill saunter through the valley. The sun was out again, so we applied our 20th layer of sunscreen. We probably looked disgusting. Fortunately, the views looked a lot better. We passed a waterfall before following the river.

valley in maroon bells wilderness

Instead of following the main trail, we took a detour along a much less busy route. We only saw people once there and the path was somewhat overgrown. I enjoyed the solitude, although it also meant we had to pay a bit more attention to where we were going and our water supply. 

hiking maroon bells wilderness
hiking in maroon bells wilderness

At one point we had to cross a big river, after which the trail started climbing again. Along the climb we saw more than 20 large anthills and many flowers. We met an Amish family with whom we chatted for a bit. Later we stopped in a shady area and saw another marmot.

ant hills in maroon bells wilderness
marmots in maroon bells wilderness

After several hours of climbing in the scorching sun, we reached a beautiful mountain lake. There was hardly anyone there. We decided to follow the trail around the lake before finding a place to camp. That also meant crossing yet another river.

geneva lake maroon bells wilderness
geneva lake

A bit further, we found a secluded campsite in a forest not too far from the lake.

drinking water maroon bells wilderness
camping geneva lake
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