Norway Winter - Prelude

Through my hikes in Iceland and Greenland I had mastered hiking pretty well. However, I still hadn't completed a successful winter hike. My hikes with Bart in the Ardennes and Black Forest went OK, but had been very tough. During my solo winter hike in the Vosges and Corsica all sorts of things had gone wrong. By going on another trip I wanted to improve my skills for hiking in the cold. 

After some searching I decided to go to Oslo. The city borders a large forest with plenty of snow, but has enough people to keep hiking there safe. Due to all the cycling and hiking trips I have more outdoor gear than the average store, but I still bought a new jacket, headlamp, waterproof backpack cover, and large trekking baskets to prevent my hiking poles from sinking in the snow.

The average day temperature in Oslo in December is -7 degrees Celsius. As my gas stove doesn't work at those temperatures, and I can't bring my petrol stove on the plane, I will cook with Esbit tablets. I haven't been able to buy a good paper map of the area but do have one in my GPS and the routes should be marked. As by now I have had troubles with ploughing through the snow in 3 different countries I also bought proper snow shoes, which I am looking forward to try out.