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South Greenland - Day 1 : Departure

It was time to leave. There were a few last-minute things I still needed to arrange, but at noon it was time to go the train station. Because I was wearing my heaviest clothes, had stuffed my pockets with gear, and carried a plastic bag filled with granola as hand luggage, my 19.7 kg backpack was just within the airline's weight limits. It still needed to go through the unusual size processing though. 


I went through customs and took my flight to Copenhagen. There, I retrieved a 100 euros worth of Danish crowns, which is the currency used in Greenland. I ate dinner at the Burger king and texted home. After all the problems and delayed flights on my Iceland trip I had planned my layovers with plenty of time to spare. My next flight wouldn't leave until 11:20 the following morning. In Narsarsuaq I would still have to buy a gas canister, but then I would really be ready to start.


At night I had a chat with two people at the airport. They were both from Ghana but the man lived in Norway and the woman in London. A little before midnight I layed down my mattress against a wall and tried to sleep.

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