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South Greenland - Dag 19 : Sissarluttoq

This day went a lot easier than expected. The day started with a climb from sea level to 500 meters, but as there were no bushes and a well marked route it wasn't very difficult. It was cold and windy though. Going downhill I started deviating from the route on the map, as I planned to take a detour. It immediately felt nice to plan my own route again, compared to continuously worrying if I wasn't taking a wrong turn. In the afternoon it was only a few kilometers until another ruin, so I decided to make a push for it. 

greenlandic canyon
greenlandic ruin
greenlandic views

According to the map these were one of the best preserved ruins in south Greenland. Compared to the piles of stones I had seen elsewhere they indeed looked pretty well preserved. There also was an emergency shelter and a suggested camping spot. That one turned out to be very good, it had level grass with a nice view over the ocean. 

greenlandic ruin
greenlandic ruin
waterfall in greenland

The following day I planned to first climb from 50 to 700 meters elevation and then descent back to 380 meters. Then I intended to the climb the mountain Nuuluk at 823 meters. It would take some luck and effort, but did not seem undoable. After Nuuluk it would be all downhill until the village Igaliku, where I would buy a ticket for the boat back to Narsarsuaq.

shelter in south greenland
inside a greenlandic shelter
hiking in greenland

It had been cloudy the entire day and seemed to start raining heavy soon. The last couple of days has been cold in the morning and the sun got out increasingly late. I had been balancing between being simply tired and getting exhausted. This day I had pretty good again.

greenlandic landscape
greenlandic landscape
greenlandic landscapes
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