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The 100 cols tour - Part II

The 100 cols tour is a 4000 km long cycling route through France and is often called 'the toughest cycling tour in the world' (col is the French word for mountain pass). The route starts in the north, near Saverne. Then it runs to the Pyrenees via as many hills and mountains as possible. In the Pyrenees, the route climbs many famous mountains before continuing, via the Mont Ventoux, through the French Alps. The end is again in Saverne. 


The route is about 4070 km long and includes 66 000 altimeters. Although the route is called the 100 cols tour, it contains 105 cols and 96 côtes, which are climbs that are not mountain passes.


In May, we cycled more than 1000 km of the route (see 100 cols tour Part 1). We had started just before the Ballon d'Alsace, from where we had cycled 300 km north before continuing south-west until about 400 km north of the Pyrenees. We had taken a train home in Brioude, which would be the start of this trip. We hoped to end up near the col de Bonette, close to Italy. Our gear was similar to our trip in May, except that we carried even fewer clothes. It didn't take long to pack everything.

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