Day 15 : Sunday again

Col du Cabarétou, col de Engayresque
Starting from the campsite we first needed to cycle uphill for a few kilometers to return to the 100 cols route. In the nearby village we fortunately found an open store. Most of the stores in France are closed between 1 and 3, but some are open on Sunday morning. We bought enough food for the rest of the day. It was a warm day, that immediately started with a though col. We managed to beat another cyclist to the top though.

col du cabaretou

The only tough col of the day already started after 15 minutes: col du Caberétou

On paper, today's route would be quite flat, but all climbs turned out to be pretty though. Certainly with the heat. Around 14:00 we ate some more baguette and around 16:00 the last bits. We were almost out of water as well. The road was nice, as we passed through many valleys in the Cevennes with gradually ascending and descending roads. There were also a few easy parts where we could cycle fast.

col de engayresque

During the descent of today's last col, the Engayresque

col de engayresque
col de engayresque

Only by 18:00 o'clock we arrived in a city large enough for there to be some food. There was only a 'patisserie', where they sold pudding buns and pies. Just when we parked our bikes the store was closing. We looked through the windows as sad as possible, it worked and they let us in. We had drank little the entire day. When we were eating on the sidewalk a guy walked by and twisted some knob on a type of fire hydrant, water came out and he started drinking it. We likely had passed several today without realizing. That would have been nice to know sooner. At a bar we bought some ice cream, before it closed as well.

The roads were not very clear marked in the city, so we had to ask for directions. After checking the map three times we found the right road. Just before arriving in the village where the campsite would be we found a pizza stand. We hadn't seen anything like it the entire day, so this one came just at the right moment. Surviving on only 2 buns and some ice cream wouldn't be great. The campsite turned out to be nice, it even had its own well with clean water.


Distance cycled : 118 km