100 cols tour part III

The 100 cols tour is a 4000 kilometer long route through France and often called the 'the toughest cycling tour in the world'. It climbs as many mountains as possible while passing through both the Pyrenees and Alps.

Last year Bart and I had cycled a first part in May. We started in Giromagny and cycled roughly 1000 km before taking a train home roughly 400 km before reaching the Pyrenees (green route below). Last summer we took a train back and cycled the entire Pyrenees and most of the way towards the Alps, another 2000 km (blue route below). 


This year we planned to cycle the remaining 1000 km, from the south of France back north to Giromagny. We could again take the train south, but that would involve spending two full days in trains and about 300 euros worth of tickets. Instead we have decided to cycle there. Two years ago we had cycled to the south of France, so we decided to simply cycle the route as back then. That way we could see if we had gotten any faster and it would save a lot of time on planning and taking wrong turns.


What follows is the report of our way south, the Alps section of the 100 cols tour, and our way back home to the Netherlands. Bram has written about the way out (the first 7 days) as well as the return journey (the last 4 days). Bart wrote the section where we are cycling the 100 cols tour (day 8 to 17). 


Green : 100 cols tour May 2008, Blue : 100 cols tour summer 2008, Red : the way out this year,
Orange : 100 cols tour cycled this year, Yellow : way back home this year.