Day 17 : Finishing the 100 cols tour!

Today was the last day, it wasn't far until the end of our 100 cols tour. It would also be relatively flat. After breakfast we immediately started the toughest climb of the day. It was very steep, but after that the landscape became nice and level. We cycled through meadows over small hills. The weather was nice and it didn't rain the entire day.

While climbing we encountered a group of Germans who were also on cycling vacation. The first one was completely bend over his handlebars so he could stamp his pedals as hard as possible, all while cycling in a way too high gear. We saw him twice more that day.

In the afternoon we were again climbing. A man was walking his dog, which started to bark and walk towards us. He half wanted to play and half wanted to scare us away. The owner didn't do anything except shout a few times. First it was chasing me, but then he decided Bram was more fun. He kept getting closer until he suddenly bit Bram's leg. Fortunately he didn't bite hard. The dog turned around and came towards me. I managed to scare him away so we could safely cycle on, Bram was bleeding a little though.

There was one dangerous descent left. The entire road was covered in a thin layer of moss, dung, and water. It was so slippery my front wheel kept sliding away. The distance to the last village of the 100 cols tour kept getting smaller and smaller. The last two hours we cycled very fast. Finally, after two years of cycling, we returned to Giromagny. We had made it, after 105 mountains and about 4500 km we had finished the 100 cols tour!! We took a picture and went on our way to get our last stamp.


The man at the campsite didn't realize it was a special moment for us. I asked if I could make a picture of him putting down the stamps, but he got confused and put them down very fast. We had pitched all our stuff and took a shower. Then we went searching for a restaurant to celebrate. In the village was a jeu-des-boules tournament going on. There was also a public BBQ, so if we couldn't find any food we could always eat there. There seemed to be two restaurants and a pizza stand in town. The first restaurant had no menu outside, so we went to the other one. 

I asked if we could eat. An old rocker with a grew moustache, long hair, and an AC/DC shirt told us we couldn't eat there. He did know another place where we could 'bien manger', eat well. He asked if we were really really hungry, which is how we looked. He felt Bram's stomach to see if there was any fat on it, there wasn't. He said we could eat well a little down the road and was acting like having a huge belly. To the right of the pharmacy they supposedly sold kebab, fries, and pizza. He told us with such devotion that we were getting extra hungry just by listening. At the kebab place we ordered lots of fries and meat, as well as a cold beer. It tasted very well, including the desert. Then we went back to the other bar to get a second drink. We went to bed at a reasonable time though, because we would have to cycle again in the morning.

Distance cycled : 141 km