Day 19 : Headwind and rain

In the morning we woke up and quickly packed our stuff so we could leave. While we were doing so a bunch of people were watching us from the entrance. After a while one of them walked up to us to inform us we really couldn't stay, because it was a parking lot for travelers. We were looking at each other thinking we were the only real travelers on the entire parking lot, but didn't say anything. The man said we normally would have had a big problem, but because we were leaving right away it was OK. The way he said it made is seem like he meant we would have a big problem with them, rather than the police. Everyone there also looked like stereotypical maffia gypsies from the movie.

100cols_tocht3 357.jpg

Literally translated it says 'reception place for travellers'.

There weren't any travelers and we weren't received very friendly either.

100cols_tocht3 358.jpg

Before Bram woke up the guy in this picture came over to talk with me. He stood there for an entire hour, but I understood only a few things. When we were leaving he walked after us.

We quickly cycled back towards Toul to get food at the first store we could find. It was an incredibly gross and old store that fitted right in with the rest of the neighborhood. We quickly bought some stuff and then continued. Five minutes later we passed the parking lot where we had slept again and the same guy was looking at us. We couldn't help laughing and quickly cycled on.


The next part was pretty hilly and we had a headwind the entire time. After 50 kilometers we stopped to eat on the stair of the local town hall. We ate the chocolate-kiwi cake we had bought and an entire baguette. I was really tired of the endless hills. With his lighter bike, Bart could quite easily go up a hill using the momentum he had gained from a previous descent. However, I would stall half way up every hill and then needed to actually climb up before racing down as fast as possible to make it up the one. This continuous interval training was at least as hard as climbing continuously.

We continued and about 50 km later we stopped at a Cora supermarket. We bought the entire store, including bread, candy, fruit, water, juice, a salad, and much more. Outside we ate everything while it started to drizzle. When we left it was dry, however, a little later it started to rain while the strong head wind was also still present. Fortunately the rain didn't last very long and the landscape finally became flatter again. After 140 kilometers we arrived at the village with our intended campsite. There was a clear sign indicating it as well as a place selling fries, now we just needed to get some money. None of the three ATMs in the village worked. As we just had enough money left for the campsite we decided to just go there directly. After some searching and asking around it turned out that, even though the signs where still there, the campsite had been gone for two years. Sigh... on to the next village.


After cycling another 20 kilometers we discovered that campsite did exist. We pitched our stuff, showered, and ate all the food we had bought. After some calculations we realized that just this evening we ate over 1500 kcal per person, while we had already eaten three full meals today. When we went to sleep I heard some guys walking past, and again a half hour later, but I didn't give it much attention.

Distance cycled : 159 km