Retrospective: cycling vacation “the day (week) after” 


The week after cycling vacation I slept poorly and was tired a lot, Bart felt similar but less severe. It also turned out that the frame of Bart's bike had cracked, so I was right telling him it was a bad idea to bring it. Although a speed bike is lighter, he had a lot more problems with his bike than I. He quickly had to buy a new one for Diekirch - Valkenswaard, a cycling race we would ride in two weeks.


The journey out was less tiring for me than two years ago. That was also because I had a lighter bike and less luggage. I really liked the part of the 100 cols tour in the Alps. The climbs were less steep than in the Pyrenees, which made the descents a bit less exciting. I especially liked the Izoard and Galibier, which had beautiful views. My bike wasn't really suited for cycling three weeks through the Alps with luggage. Last year it went pretty OK, but this time a lot broke. Next year I need to get a new bike because after returning home I noticed my frame had cracked. I am very happy we completed the 100 cols tour. One day I want to ride it again, but not any time soon. Then I will do it in a different way. Either I will go on a speed bike, without luggage, with a support car, and while sleeping in hotels, so I will cycle faster and become less tired. Alternatively, I might go with more luggage and cycle the entire loop in one go.


This vacation we reached the highest total distance cycled of all our trips thus far. Only after day 7 did we get ahead of our vacation to the Mediterranean sea, two years ago. After that we only increase the lead.


Reachable places

This trip we cycled 3000 kilometers. The circle in the map above has a radius of just under 3000 km, which means we could have reached any spot within it. Distance wise Moscow, Ankara, or the street of Gibraltar should thus be reachable within three weeks.