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Alps - Day 15 : Some more climbing

We cycled back into the city, where a supermarket was, fortunately, open on Sunday. There we bought food for the entire day. After breakfast we searched for the right way to the next pass. After a while, we learned that it was the road the campsite was one, so we could cycle back. The weather was nice and sunny. The pass was very annoying to climb, we would go up 200 meters and then down 100. It was only 1530 meters high (maybe that is an unlucky number), but by the time we reached the top we had climbed over 2000 meters. I was happy when it was over.

Kartitscher sattel

Bram didn't want to turn around for such a stupid climb

Kartitscher sattel


In the small village you could buy the Sunday newspaper everywhere. They were hanging in plastic covers by the side of the road. If you took one, you had to put a euro in the bags. After the descent we sat down at a bus stop to eat. We took out a newspaper to check the weather. It wouldn't get bad until Wednesday and by then we would be 500 km away.

We rode over large roads the entire afternoon and cut off three more mountains. Now we were really on schedule to get home in time. If we cycled at a good pace today, we would arrive at the foot of the Timmelsjoch tonight. If so, tomorrow would only involve climbing one huge mountain and then many downhill roads. Cycling fast was a bit of a challenge, it was a warm day and difficult to find water. We wanted to buy a bottle of water at a gas station. To our surprise, 1,5L cost 3,90, which was ridiculous. Bram had brought his drinking bottle into the bathroom, but they had closed off the water there. We bought some ice cream instead.


We were following a busy 80 km/h road where we had to pay attention because of all the turns. We passed two girls a little older than us who were also on a cycling vacation. One had a bike made by Snel. Somewhere just before a big city was a bike store. My rear tire had a hole in it, and the orange protecting layer was getting visible so I probably wouldn't make it home without a punctured tire. The man there was an annoying Italian who also sold car parts. First, he spent 10 minutes helping someone else who had arrived after us. Then I asked for a bicycle tire, he had one for 15 euros. Because it wasn't by a well-known brand I asked if he had a more expensive one. He didn't understand so we bought it anyway. I attached it to my panniers and would exchange them on the campsite.

We rode towards the Brenner pass for the last 20 km of the day. It had yet to start officially but we were going uphill nonetheless. It took one and a half hours to reach the campsite. Four kilometers before we arrived it started to rain pretty hard. Putting on rain clothes for only a few minutes didn't make sense. We continued, the campsite was right at the base of the next mountain.

After registering, it suddenly started to rain super hard. In a wooden pagoda we changed my tire. By the time we were done it had stopped raining. It looked like it would get cold tonight. Before I went to sleep I ate some bread to have some energy for tomorrow morning.

Distance cycled : 160 km.

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