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Black Forest


Last year, Koen, Bram, and I (Bart) went on a cycling vacation. We cycled a big loop through the Netherlands, which was fun but challenging. This year we wanted to go again but to a different location. Initially, we had many plans, including a loop through the Eiffel or Ardennes or a return trip to Calais. The composition of the group also varied a lot; Koen couldn't decide if he wanted to join, and some other friends were also interested. In the end, only Bram and I remained. Three weeks before leaving, we decided to cycle to the Black Forest in southern Germany. Two weeks before leaving, I realized Bram also wanted to cycle back. I then planned the route with a GPS and some Michelin maps. I took my dad's mountain bike and mounted an extra carrier on the front. I also fixed the handlebars and attached a water bottle holder. A week before we left, we visited an outdoor store in Eindhoven. We thought about buying lightweight tents, but in the end, we stuck with Bram's heavy tent. We did buy pans, a new stove, and sleeping bags. They sold a lot of weird things there, including a funnel to pee through. 

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