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Black Forest - Day 14 : From somewhere near Imsweiler to Brey

Waking up wasn't a success. Going to the toilet required going out into the cold while wearing wet clothes. That's why it was best to wear as little clothes as possible and quickly get back inside. While taking down the tent we noticed how nasty it had gotten. We also discovered we were camping on asphalt, which explained why we hadn't been able to get the tent pegs into the ground.

Cycling didn't go well at first. The route was relatively easy though. It was 110 km of nearly straight roads, with the exception of the city Bad Kreuznach. That place really sucked to get through, as we weren't allowed to cycle anywhere and it was ugly. We had learned Germans like detours. A signs said we needed to take a 10 km detour, but we decided to ignore it. It turned the road was broken open for a few meters, but we could easily cycle around it.

After Bad Kreuznach we were nearly at the Rhine, which has a good bicycle path running alongside it. We continued until I really couldn't go on anymore. In Brey we went to a campsite after a relatively short day of cycling, which was still 100 km. This night we planned to sleep well to prepare for tomorrow. We drank some beer while sitting next to the Rhine. Showering again involved tokens, but at least we could shower. Our neighbors were barbequing and offered us a large sausage and some puffed potatoes. Finally a nice feeling after 280 km of hardship. I aired and dried my sleeping bag and mattress, which was necessary. We camped directly next to the river with a nice view over a castle.


The castle, in the sunlight it looked even better.

Coincidentally, our friend Stefan who had returned from Croatia by train that same summer photographed the same castle. It was dry that night.


Left and middle: Today went fast, except in the cities.

Right: Pay attention to the black square on the other side of the Rhine, that is the castle.

Distance cycled : 100 km

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