Corsica - Day 6

In the morning everything was still wet but at least it had stopped snowing. I wanted to stay in my tent until the sun came out, so I could dry everything. Just when the clouds were starting to disappear I suddenly heard a lot of people. Apparently a bus had dropped them off to try the survival course. That started on the other side of the road and then ran straight towards my tent. I had no choice but to quickly put on my wet clothes and pack everything. I finished just when the first person started to cross the road, I don't think they saw me.


After a long walk I reached a village. There was nothing to do there and it started to rain. At the tourist office where two girls whom I asked if there was a bus driving through there. Apparently there had been one at 6:30 that morning and there wouldn't be another one for 3 days. I decided to try to reach Porto Vecchio using a combination of hiking and hitchhiking. It took a while but eventually someone stopped, it was a man with his daughter who would be hiking a nearby trail. He was willing to take me, but was only driving 3 kilometers. I said that was fine, every bit helped. We talked a bit in the car, they clearly weren't real French, as they were willing to speak English. While I started begging for rides again the rain got worse. Eventually two men stopped that looked like mafioso. As I likely also didn't look very reliable I couldn't judge, so hopped in. They rode all the way to Porto Vecchio, which was 35 km away.

corsica's interior

View along the way, the sun was finally coming through

cabin in corsica

A farmer's cabin

roads in corsica

With such roads Porto Vecchio didn't seem to get closer fast

In Porto Vecchio the sun was still shining. I bought some breads and strawberries that tasted amazing. I needed to take the same bus line to get to Ajaccio as I had taken on the way here. To my shock it had the same driver. Luckily he was driving a bit calmer this time so I could hold my food down.


In Ajaccio I planned to stay on the same campsite as before, so I could think in peace. I still had a lot of time left and enough food for two weeks. However, I also felt very tired and it would still snowing in the mountains for at least two days. I didn't remember exactly where the campsite was so asked a lady at a parking lot for directions. She turned out to be super helpful. She and her friends first explained the directions in detail but then she changed her mind and told her friend to drive me there. If I first wanted to do groceries she would wait. My charms were clearly working. Even though I don't speak French I understood nearly everything they said and vice versa.

At the campsite I thanked the ladies and pitched my tent, showered, and tried to dry everything. I still hadn't decided what I was going to do in the next few days. The hiking paths that don't run through the mountains were all pretty short and far removed from each other. I also considered walking to Calvi along the coast, which is where my flight would leave. That would take about 8 days. I realized I also wouldn't mind just going home, I had suffered enough (and that is part of the reason I went on vacation) and if I would return sooner I would have more time to move before starting work again.