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Corsica - Day 8 and Retrospective

In the morning I quickly packed everything. At the station I couldn't find a train towards Brussels or Antwerp. There turned out to be a second station on the other side of the road, from which all trains to that part of Belgium departed. I bought a ticket to Antwerp and from there rode to Mol, close to the Dutch border. My mom  travelled there to pick me up and drive me home.


View over the park I had slept in last night

While writing this I don't regret going home, but maybe I will in the future. It was surely the right decision to stop at the Mountain, which was just too dangerous without snowshoes. Overall, there were many things I should have done differently, but some if it was also due to the stressful month leading up to this hike and some bad luck with the weather and snow shoes. Either way, I still had fun and learned a lot.
 I am not sure if I will ever try the GR20 again. The flat roads in Iceland where much nicer to hike than the steep inclines with loose rocks on the GR20, and while the landscape was nice it all looked quite similar. It was also frustrating that there were hardly any places to camp. 

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