Prelude Bram

This year we left on another cycling adventure. We decided to cycle from our homes in the Netherlands to Marseille and back. At least I (Bram) did, just like last year Bart found out two weeks before departure that I also intended to cycle back. To make it even harder we planned to climb the Mt. Ventoux and return over the Alps. 

Prelude Bart

Last trip we realized we should be able to cycle to the south of France in 2 or 3 weeks. This year we plan to try cycling all the way to the Mediterranean sea and back, which should be about 2500 km. During our preparations we bought a lot of new gear, including a lighter tent, a better stove, and above all, fast drying clothes. I also bought a new bike, because the mountain bike I used last year wasn't worth repairing. 

The bicycles from last year, with all the gear we had carried.


My new bike with all gear, including a home-made map stand


I carried much less luggage than last year


Bram only carried two bags this time.

I planned the route much better this time, I also memorizing it and bought a better (1:200 000) map. We also were much better trained. I cycled 26 km each day to go to school, Bram 46 km for his internship. In total we also cycled about 900 km on our racing bikes.