France - Day 11 : Walking instead of cycling.

We slept pretty well. In the campsite store I bought some bread before we went to the village. It was about a 15 minute walk. The entire town only had roads with a 15% incline. At the local market we followed Bram's principle of only taking right turns, so we saw everything. When we were done we went searching for a supermarket. That turned out to be on the other side of town, or so we thought, eventually it turned out to be somewhere between the village center and the campsite. We were confused by the roads the entire time we stayed in Cassis. We again bought way too much food and went to a bay that was on all postcards. It turned out to be an hour away, but we didn't have much else to do. In the bay we first ate a small mountain of chocolate buns and baguettes, and then took a lot of pictures.


The water was really clear here


Does this look like the postcard?

After taking pictures we turned around. Because we didn't have a working stove with us we had to find something else to eat. First we smelled the fuel in the local supermarket as discreetly as possible to figure out if it was the right fuel for Bram's stove. We couldn't find it. They didn't sell any salad or other cold meals. We didn't want to eat bread again. Eventually we decided to make a salad sandwich, with cucumber, tomato, mead, lettuce and mayonaise. We sat down in front of our tent to prepare everything when we figured out there were quite a bit of ants. There was a nest closeby, with all sorts of ants. There were small ones that just ran around, medium ones that carried small breadcrumbs, and big once, about one centimeter long, that carried larger things. Bram tried to eat an entire baguette at once, which meant a lot of extra spillings for the ants. We fed them the last bit of meat, so in the morning we could see how fast they ate. 


It was around seven when we finished everything. We didn't really have anything else to do, but had been seeing this mountain the entire day.


This rock was visible from everywhere in Cassis

Of course we had to get to the summit. We started walking. It would be dark around 10, so it would be nice if we would be back by then. After an hour we got to the base of the hill. We saw a small track that seemed to go uphill. We followed it a while until we got to a steep cliff, through thorny bushes. I was walking on my slippers because I didn't want to damage my cycling shoes again. After an hour of bushwhacking and climbing on all fours we were only a bit closer to the top. At one moment I left behind a good dose of H2S which led to some muscle fatigue for Bram. After struggling through even worse bushes we arrived at the crest of the hill, but not yet at the highest point.


The protruding rock from a distance

It turned out there was an actual path, which would have been a lot easier to follow.


There turned out to be an actual path, but the view was better after our hard climb


The sun was getting low


At least Bram was wearing shoes

We quickly ran over the path to take pictures from the top before the sun went down. It was worth it though, as you can see here.


Straight down, it was about 150 meters high


Nice sunset


The sun was almost gone

When the sun was nearly set we walked back, there we saw how steep the road was, thirty percent!


It was too windy to take a decent picture

It was dark when we finally returned to the campsite. In the store we had bought a bottle of whisky as Bram wanted to try it. Near the Ventoux they only sold big bottles, but here they also had small ones. It wasn't good, but that might have been because I was drinking it from my plastic mug which hadn't been cleaned in four days. Bram couldn't get it down at all. For every sip of whisky he drank three of water. Eventually I think I drank two thirds of it. We had calculated how much alcohol was in the entire bottle. It was about as much as two liters of beer.


It was really windy at night so we didn't sleep well.