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France - Day 16 : A bit flatter

We left early after a good night of sleep. On the campsite, we ate an entire roll of dry cookies so we wouldn't be hungry for the first half an hour. We bought food in the local supermarket, including a 750-gram jar of jam. Bram had bought raspberry jam to mix it up with all the strawberry jam we had been eating. Strangely enough, the 'confiture de fraises' still tasted like strawberries. I don't know why that would be. There again were many other cyclists on the col. Usually, we saw most during the morning.

We still had a while to go before reaching the top, so we took our time to eat the two baguettes we had bought. There was a farmer chopping wood in the meadow who waved. On top it was time for another picture, this was the last col of the vacation.

Col de Parmenie
Col de Parmenie

This col wasn't that high

According to the map it would be flatter from now on. After a while, we passed through another valley, which was more shallow. It was nice and flat and we could quickly cover a good distance, although we were tired from the previous days.

After the nice valley we passed through some pretty touristy villages. Some towns in the south of France have covered fountains, a kind of gazebos, where you can get clean water. We ate at one of them. I was thirsty and wanted to drink some water, but this fountain's water was not safe. Luckily we had Bram's water filter to make it drinkable. There was a rock with two semi-circle holes in it. Bram thought it was a medieval toilet, but I didn't believe that.

We went to a campsite early so that we could get some rest. To kill time, we would try the stove again. There was no desk at this campsite at all. We asked some random person what to do. It turned out someone would collect fees in the morning. It was a 1-star campsite, with a 2nd star taped off. The showers were good, so we didn't really care. Having collected fuel at gas stations, we set out to test the stove. It worked! We had nice blue flames and a good sound. We opened a can of ravioli with my pocket knife. Then we cooked our first warm meal in six days.

After dinner, we pitched the tents. My tent has two straight poles as well as two curved pieces. Because the tent fabric just barely fits the poles, I would need to apply some serious force to set it up. Just when I inserted the pole I heard a loud bang. The smallest pole had broken. Fortunately, the others were still intact and I could pitch my tent well enough to sleep in it.


The first part was a bit hilly, afterwards it was relatively flat 

Daily distance 143,7 km

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