France - Day 4 : Nice and hot

In the morning the sun was out. It was still cold and windy though. The first kilometers were all downhill. After 20 km over a large road we arrived at the place where we would have to arrive tonight to stay on schedule. We left the large road behind so we didn't had to cycle straight through Dijon. The small villages we passed all didn't have stores. We had filled our water bottles in the morning but they didn't last long in the heat. Around noon we sat down in the shade to have 1st lunch. It was at least 35 degrees. We applied an as thick as possible layer of sun screen.


This photo nicely shows how blue the sky was, we hadn't lost our charmes yet.

A while later we became very thirsty. Bram started pumping water from a ditch, but I didn't think it looked clean. There were a lot of brambles along the road which I ate while Bram was busy. The ditch was a lot lower than the road so he needed to climb down and nearly fell. The water apparently taste 'odd' , I think that was because of the cow farm 100 meters away..


A lot further we found a soda machine. That felt really good after cycling 60 km with barely enough water. In the next town the stores were finally open. In France most stores are closed between noon and 2 o'clock. We bought a few baguettes, an enormous amount of water, and a bottle of oasis lemonade. Underneath a tree in the park we ate everything and rested a bit.

We had cycled all the way around Dijon. From now own our route would mostly run over large roads. There would be campsites after 20 and 40 km. We decided to go to the last one, but not before buying some ice creams. Bram put one in his water bottle, I don't think that tasted good. 

Cycling went fast because we didn't had to look at the map anymore. The only problem was that Louhans, where the campsite would be, continuously seemed to be a bit further away than the signs indicated. We didn't arrive until it was getting dark.

Rue de Bram

Last year in Baden-Baden we found the Brahmsstrasse, here in Louhans they had the Rue de Bram.
Therefore Bram needed to take a picture again.

In Louhans we crossed a river to reach the campsite. The desk was already closed, but a French guy who was having dinner apparently owned the place and showed us a spot. We took a shower, during which we washed about 2 kg of salt off of ourselves. That night it was very windy and rainy, but most of our gear stayed dry.


The first part around Dijon was very hot, afterwards it got better.

Having cycled 160 km a day for 3 days today felt relatively though.

Daily distance 163.8 km
Average speed 19.8 km/h