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Glacier Peak Wilderness - Day 12

The next day we relaxed in Leavenworth. There were only restaurants and souvenir shops, so we spent most of the day eating. However, there also was an amazing tourist attraction: Leavenworth was apparently home to the largest nutcracker museum in the world. 

town center of leavenworth

It was only $5 dollars to enter, so we couldn't let such an opportunity slip. The museum mostly hosted wooden nutcrackers from Germany, which looked like dolls. I had never heard of those growing up in the Netherlands nor when visiting Germany, but apparently they are well-known in the US. At first we got to watch a video about how the nutcracker museum came into existence and how nutcracker dolls are made. Unfortunately, the video was only 20 minutes long. Then we entered the nutcracker museum itself. They had over 7,000 nutcrackers in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors, and ages. It was interesting to see all the mechanisms people had come up with to crack nuts. We made sure to buy some nutcracker postcards to send home.

nutcracker museum leavenworth
nutcracker museum leavenworth
world's largest nutcracker
world's smalles nutcracker
nutcracker museum leavenworth
nutcracker museum leavenworth

After the museum, it was time to eat. We found a traditional German restaurant with real Schnitzel and a live accordion player. The portion were still American sized though. I was already full after the Schnitzel but they also sold homemade Black Forest cake. I don't have words to describe how large a piece they brought me. After spending 10 minutes stuffing my face as much as I could there was still barely a dent in the cake. 

Back in the Hotel, we made plans for the remainder of our trip. We decided to do a day hike in an area called the Enchantments the following day. This time we would get a cab to drive us there.

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