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Glacier Peak Wilderness - Day 14

We woke up at 5 only to see that our train was delayed by 3 hours. I don't know how they can build up such a delay in just one night. I proposed setting our alarm again for 3 hours later, but according to Diane it was possible for the delay to get less over time. We also didn't know how up to date the predicted arrival times were. Due to the lousy US public transport we thus ended up with Schrödinger's train: it could have already arrived or not and the only way to find out was to go to the train station.

After 2 hours of extra sleep we decided to get going. It was still about an hour walk to the train station with our heavy backpacks. In the meantime, the expected arrival time had changed several times, both becoming later and earlier. Eventually we managed to catch the train though. The train was an 'Empire Builder' which took 3 days to travel all the way from Chicago to Seattle. It was quite affordable and very comfortable. Maybe someday we'll take it again. Along the way we saw a lot of smoke from all the wildfires. The entire state was bone dry.

gloomy harbor in seattle

Back in Seattle we got our first views of the actual city center. We visited some tourist highlights but they were not as exciting as we had hoped. We also visited the REI flagship store, where they still didn't have gas canisters. Later in the evening we went to dinner with two of Diane's friends that lived in the forests around Seattle. It must be really nice to live there.

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