Bas and Bram's cycling vacation to 'Oude ship' in Groningen.

My colleague Bas had been reading about my cycling trips for years, so whenever they came up in conversations it sounded like he had been there as well. During work, I decided he should join some time. After considering a few routes we decided to cycle to the most northern part of the Netherlands' mainland, the town of Oude schip in the province of Groningen. The return journey would be around 620 km which Bas thought was feasible during the 6 days we had off in May. For a long time it was unclear if we could go, because I didn't know when I could start my graduation research. Eventually we knew on a Wednesday that I would be free until at least Sunday. Because Bas didn't have a bike worthy of the name he would use my old one. He also hardly owned any camping gear and therefore borrowed most of mine. Completely untrained and inexperienced he was still excited to go, which was in no small part to impress his girlfriend Jorien, whose father used to cycle a lot.