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Groningen - Day 2

When I woke up for the 5th time I got out of my sleeping bag. All my stuff was still drenched, but I had no choice but to put them on. I checked the time, it was 6:30 and the front disk opened at 10. I still decided to start packing so we could leave early and get breakfast.

Bas was still asleep. Given his famous reputation for sleeping until 5 in the afternoon, I decided to wake him up. After shaking him five times, he finally replied. He said he didn't want to get out of his sleeping bag because it was cold. I zipped it open to get it over with. As soon as Bas got up I took a picture. Then he very slowly put on his clothes. It took two hours for him to wake up and stand dressed out of the tent.


First signs of life 6:30


Go away with that camera Bram 7:00


Aah it's so cold I am going to sleep some more 7:30


I hate you Bram 8:00


Bas likes cycling vacations.

Afterward, we went to the store again. There was an old cashier watching tv and reading the newspapers, there were no other customers. He baked two baguettes especially for us. We could pick them up in 15 minutes. Meanwhile we took down the tent, which I am pretty sure Bas had never done before.


Packing the tent

We picked up the fresh bread. Bas ate his right away, but I put mine under my jacket. It was nice and warm. Around 10, we went to the desk to pay before leaving for Apeldoorn. After Apeldoorn and a lot more rain we arrived at a 20 km long straight road with a strong headwind. Bas was pretty exhausted while we didn't even cycle 15 km/h. After taking many breaks we reached a bridge over the IJssel river. There was a large ruler counting down from the water upward. We didn't understand what the "0" meant. There was a sign that said "Welcome in Overijssel', the province we arrived in. After living in the Netherlands for over 20 years, this was the first time we realized that Overijssel was called this way because of the IJssel river.


In Zwolle we went to a cafeteria to dry. My phone had broken because of the rain, while I was about to get an important call from school. The fries were good. After Zwolle followed another endless straight road. We bought some more food just before reaching Staphorst. We got grapes, snickers, and drinks. Bas noticed some energy drink called BAS, which he said suited him well. I told him it was short for bastard.

When we ate everything Bas returned the empty bottle. From the refund money, he bought dessert and still had money to spare. We agreed to come back sometime and only pay with empty bottles. There were some small children in a car giving us the finger. Staphorst is known for its very religious and old-fashioned people, a bit like the Amish. There were many old people in old costumes and every house looked identical, only farms with green and white window frames and wooden doors in front of the window. They looked nice, though.

After passing Meppel and heading towards Assen, we searched for another place to sleep. Bas needed to experience camping in the wild. It was hard to find a good spot because the road lay between two canals. Eventually, we found a nice place next to two old chalk ovens.


The canal


Bas with his 'I cycled against headwind for two days' haircut.

We made spaghetti because I had brought my stove. We didn't have any water, so we decided to cook it in Fanta. We also made some sauce and added meat. The spaghetti tasted surprisingly well. This time might have been the first time it tasted well out of all cycling vacations. The Fanta was an excellent addition. In the future we will try cola as well. I also had brought two year old hardkeck cookies, which wouldn't expire for another two years. 


Stirring the spaghetti with uncooked spaghetti


Bram Ramsey's kitchen


The real Fanta Spaghetti

After dinner it was time for the dishes. As we didn't have any water, we cleaned everything with grass. If we rubbed hard enough it cleaned well. After pitching the tent and Bas calling and texting everyone again, we went to sleep.


Camping by the side of the road


I was standing on the road here, so we weren't very sheltered

We cycled about 100 km today.

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