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Iceland - Day 22 : Back to Reykjavik

It turned out the swimming pool didn't open until noon. Instead I talked some more with my neighbour and went to explore the area behind the geyser.

geysir in iceland
a geyser breaking the surface
icelandic farm fields
icelandic farm fields

View towards the other side of the mountain

I packed my stuff and headed over to the swimming pool. It turned out it was possible to enter before noon after all, however, the sign indicating that was only visible after entering the pool. There was nobody else. I put my socks on top of my backpack so that no one would dare to steal anything. While undressing I happened to look into a mirror which was quite the shock. I hadn't been very heavy to begin, with but now I really looked someone with anorexia.


The pool was relaxing, the bus afterward a bit less. There were dozens of different busses including from different companies. You weren't given a ticket either, even if you had to transfer. Around 14:00 a bus arrived for the right destination but the wrong line. It was also a lot cheaper. I am pretty sure it was just someone using his van to make a few extra bucks, but I took it anyway.

The guy was on the phone the entire time while driving. We made it to Pingvellir alive, but this car ride was arguably more dangerous than my entire hike. In the past, the Icelandic parliament had been seated in Pingvellir National Park and the area was also exactly located on the American-European continental divide. It was crazy beautiful but half the people in my bus only went to the restaurant. I didn't get it.


We would stay only half an hour and then half an hour at a different spot. That again meant I needed to run my lungs out to see everything. We lost a Russian couple that travelled with us and couldn't find someone we were supposed to pick up. After driving 10 loops through the park everything worked out. 

water in pingvellir
continental divide between europe and amerika
canyon in pingvellir national park

On the way to Reykjavik we nearly crashed, twice. Fortunately the driver left us at the campsite and not in the city center, I really didn't want to walk for another hour. After pitching my tent I did something I hadn't done in 3 weeks: shower! The water was cold so it wasn't great, I also needed to put my dirty clothes on again. 


Later I met Thibaut and we talked about the places we each visited since last seeing each other and what other things we could do in Reykjavik. He turned out to be even worse than me. When I had been hiking in the Vosges I thought I had brought macaroni, but it had turned out to be only freeze dried sauce mix. Thibaut had brought macaroni, but when he wanted to open it he had thought it was only sauce, so he had been eating garbage food instead. Now he had discovered it actually was macaroni afterall. We made a lot of plans for the following day which unfortunately meant we would still have to walk a lot, but it's not every day that I am in Reykjavik.

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