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Iceland - Day 6 : First day alone

I didn't sleep well because of the wind. I had planned to go into the hot spring again, but it was way too cold outside. Around 8:45 I left, the scouts were only just waking up. They needed to hurry if they still wanted to walk their intended 24 kilometers to Alftavatn. They weren't real diehards anyway, one of them still shaved. The landscape was clearly a lot drier here, further away from the glaciers.

hiking in central iceland
lava fields in iceland
hiking in iceland
lavafields in iceland

The past 3 days I had only carried a 0,5 liter bottle of water as there were plenty of streams. Here that turned out to be too little, so I took a short detour to reach a river.

waterfal in iceland
waterfal in iceland

About every 15 minutes a car drove by. A family asked if everything was fine and if I wanted some water or candy. I declined, but they still cheered me on. I think they were from Australia. An hour later another man asked if I wanted a ride. I politely declined and told him I had come here to walk. Hiking went well, although the blister on my feet has gotten larger.

lava fields in iceland
lava fields in iceland

The landscape was an endless desert of lava rocks.

I hoped I wouldn't be travelling too fast, as I already included a 4 day buffer to explore Reykjavik. That might seem like a lot, but the bus back only drives once a day and if I would walk just 10% slower than intended the entire hike would easily take 2-3 days longer.

solohiking in iceland

On top of a hill

A bit past 3 o'clock I passed a lake and decided to camp there, I was still getting up very early because of the time difference. There was a large reservoir and some transmission towers. Those were ugly but I guess it's good Iceland produces all its electricity in a green way.

reservoir in iceland

The lake with the transmission towers

wild camping in iceland

My campsite next to the reservoir

wild camping in iceland

Wild camping is beautiful

It had been super windy, I think it's always windy there. The temperature did vary a lot, in the morning it was freezing but now it was 22 degrees in my tent. For dinner I ate nut rice with mosquitoes. It took a lot of effort to make sure only two made it into my tent. I also used a piece of equipment that I had never used, or even brought, on any other trip: toilet paper. As there were large sections without any plants or moss I would need it. 

Distance walked: 25 km

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