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Day 14 - The last cycling day

Today would be the last day on which we could cycle. In the afternoon the bus would pick us up. We didn't have breakfast so started cycling hungry. The first village had three signs indicating bakeries, but the bakeries themselves were nowhere to be found. We found a good supermarket in the next village, where we bought a bag of breads and some more food. While we were eating a lady came over to ask us where we came from.


The route we had planned wouldn't involve a lot of climbing, according to the map. However, we did pass another pass. Fortunately it was an easy one. We cycled from one valley to the next. Around noon we had cycled just 2 hours. We discussed cycle around the Chiemsee, but according to the GPS the shortest route to the bus stop was still 55 km. As we still needed to eat we drove straight there.


We got some drinks and ice creams. I bought Schwip-Schwapp, which was cola mixed with Fanta. Meanwhile we got news that the bus wouldn't arrive until 16:15. We would easily be able to make that, but still cycled fast. We didn't want to risk missing it in case we got a flat tire. The route was hilly but not super tough. It was a nice green landscape with some lakes.


Twenty kilometers before Raubling we cycled towards the Chiemsee to have a quick look. The bicycle paths there were annoying. They were often on the wrong side of the road and sometimes suddenly turned into a pedestrian only section. We lost count of how many times we needed to cross the road.


The Chiemsee

With 10 km to go we found a bicycle path that supposedly would get us to our destination in only 5 km. It was a gravel road next to the Inn, on the other side of the river as we had cycled yesterday.

Cycling next to the Inn

Bicycle path next to the Inn

We still had plenty of time, which was for the better, because it took some time to find 'autohof Raubling'.

bicycle tour in Austria

The last section

The autohof was a very large gas station, with a store and a terrace. It was 15:30, so we had plenty of time left for a beer. We had deserved one. They sold cans of an entire liter. Because of the credit card limit we also 'needed' to buy some ice cream.

Faxe beer

One liter of beer

Afb 00192.jpg

The mesh pattern of my gloves had gotten sunburned in my hands.


A little past 16:00 the bus arrived. It was a long one with a lorry. The driver came out as well as the travel attendant. The driver was a tall, bald, broad guy. He said 'you were the ones that called me yesterday, am I right?'. This was the first driver we have ever seen who loaded our bikes carefully. After we loaded the bikes and our luggage we quickly entered the bus. It was filled with old people. We were directly introduced by the busdriver 'This are Bart and Bram', then we had to wave to everyone. Everyone in the bus had been part of an organized bicycle tour, where they had cycle about 40 km per day. We were the only ones that had been picked up, because the bus we were supposed to take had been cancelled.


We had to drive for a few hours to the hotel where we would spend the night. Meanwhile the driver told all sorts of facts about the route, which he repeated every 10 minutes. For instance: 'If you look out of the window right now you will see an ice cloud. Kind-of strange if you consider how warm it is down here'.

Around 19:45 we arrived in Kipfendorf, somewhere north of Munich. It was a small village with a hotel. There was an outbuilding. We figured we had to sleep there as we were added to the passengers last. Instead, we got assigned a large room with two sleeping sections and a nice shower. The only disadvantage was that, after 400 kilometers without showering, we now had to be ready for dinner within half an hour.


During dinner we were seated next to a couple from Uden, who were about 70 years old, and tour guide Nel. They had all been on cycling vacation when they were younger. It was surprisingly fun and one big cacophony of conversations. We drank another half a liter of beer. During the main course the waitress came by to ask if someone wanted extra vegetables or meat, we wanted both. The entire group had been cycling in Karinthië in Austria, also for twelve days. Just like us they only had good weather.


The fellow bus passengers


Beer and desserts

After dinner the driver gave a speech. He hadn't eating anything because he was too busy helping the people serving us and talking to everyone. He thought it had been an amazing journey and he emphasized how he loved working with people. We could tell. After dessert we went to bed. Bram was super drunk and didn't go to sleep until he had listened to music for an hour. The GPS tracker again hadn't worked today, I think the battery is empty.


Route of day 14

Distance cycled : 100 km

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