Norway Summer - Day 11 : Loop around the lake

Today the sun was out again. The first few hours I walked around a huge lake. The view was really nice, despite the cold wind. The actual path ran higher up the hills and farther away from the lake, but I decided to make my own shortcut. Walking went pretty fast, however there were many rivers and I wasn't sure if I would be able to cross all of them.  

Hiking around Gjendesheim
bridge near russvatnet

The rivers turned out to be crossable, only once did I need to take my shoes off and cross bare feet. That was the first time I had to do that since my hike in Iceland and I had forgotten how ridiculously cold it feels. After about 5 hours I reached the end of the lake, where I also met people for the first time today. I passed two more lakes and it kept getting colder. From there it would only take 1,5 hours to reach Gjendesheim, where I planned to take the bus the next day. As I was well on schedule and hungry I tried to cook. Unfortunately my stove didn't work well because of the cold, so I only had granola bars to eat. Another hour later and for the first time in my life I had competition in finding a spot to camp. There were people camping all over the place, even though there wasn't a campsite. The next day I had planned walk to Gjendesheim and then gradually travel back to Oslo. Although my plane didn't leave for another two days, I didn't want to risk missing it.

camping near gjendesheim