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Norway Summer - Day 13 : Return journey part II 

In the morning I learned why Anna and (I forgot her name) had been laughing the night before. It turned out the northern lights had been visible. Anna said they didn't wanted to wake me, because they thought I had already seen them many times during my other hikes. They had beautiful pictures of the northern lights with my tent in the foreground, with me in it. It was really annoying I had come this close to seeing them but had still missed it. After packing we said goodbye and I walked around Lillehammer before taking the train to Oslo. At the airport I still needed to wait a few hours before flying back home. I got annoyed by all the talking people, that was a big change after being by myself for two weeks. I made it home without much difficulties.


This hike had been different than my previous ones, partly because of all the rain, but also because it had been more mountainous than my trips to Iceland and Greenland. I learned alot from that though. I also met many interesting and nice people. After four trips to nordic countries I still haven't seen the northern lights, so I will have to return some time in the future. 

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