Norway Winter - Day 3 : Keikut
again spent 16 hours in my sleeping bag. The advantage of winter hiking is that you don't have to worry about getting enough rest. Packing was again freezingly cold, but I was getting used to it. The landscape was nice and the route easy to follow. After a few hours I reached the Kikut restaurant, there was a small room with flowing water.

 winter hiking near oslo
winter hike near olso
ice crystals
ice feather
norwegian forest in winter
frozen lake in oslo
frozen river in oslo

After a short break and lunch it was time to start climbing. It was -9 degrees. There were many people mountain biking through the snow, which must be really cold, especially if you get a punctured tire. Climbing went reasonably well, the road was covered in ice and after a while I lost track of it all together. Instead, I just walked straight up. It wasn't an easy climb but I reached the summit. Just before arriving I sank through some ice and into a stream so my socks got wet. Fortunately I brought several pairs. The view from the summit was nice, but mostly hidden by trees.

view from keikut
oslo in winter

The descend sucked, I kept on slipping. Back down I saw the temperature had dropped to -11C and it started to get dark. After walking passed a lake for a while it was time to go to sleep. I saw a fox along the way. 

hiking in oslo in winter
Winter hiking near oslo

Pitching my bivy bag without freezing went better every time. It also helped a lot if I cooked from my sleeping bag. I checked if I could see the northern lights but they weren't visible.