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Publications and Patents


Nanobiologic compositions for inhibiting trained immunity.
Willem Mulder, Jordi Ochando, Zahi Fayad, Raphael Duivenvoorden, A. J. P. Teunissen, Carlos Perez-Medina, Mihai Netea, Leo Joosten, US Patent application US20200376146A1.

Trained Immunity-Promoting Nanobiologic Therapy Suppresses Tumor Growth and Potentiates Checkpoint Inhibition. Priem, B., van Leent, M. M. T., Teunissen, A. J. P., 38 others and, Ochando, J., Netea, M. G., Griffioen, A. W., Mulder, W. J. M. Cell.

Imaging Cardiovascular and Lung Macrophages With the Positron Emission Tomography Sensor 64Cu-Macrin in Mice, Rabbits, and Pigs. Matthias Nahrendorf, Friedrich Felix Hoyer, Anu E Meerwaldt, Mandy MT van Leent, Max L Senders, Claudia Calcagno, Philip M Robson, George Soultanidis, Carlos Pérez-Medina, Abraham JP Teunissen, 15 others and, Filip K Swirski, Ralph Weissleder, Willem JM Mulder. Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging.


Nuclear imaging approaches facilitating nanomedicine translation.

Carlos Perez-Mediane, Abraham J. P. Teunissen, Ewelina Kluza, Willem J. M. Mulder, Roy van der Meel.
 Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews.

Tumor targeting by αvβ3-integrin-specific lipid nanoparticles occurs via phagocyte hitchhiking.

Alexandros Marios Sofias, Yohana C. Toner, Anu E. Meerwaldt, Mandy M. T. van Leent, Georgios soultanidis, Mattijs Elschot, Haruki Gonai, Kristin Grendstad, Åsmund Flobak, Ulrike Neckmann, Camilla Wolowczyk, Elizabeth L. Fisher, Thomas Reiner, Catharina de Lange Davies, Geir Bjørkøy, Abraham J. P. Teunissen, Jordi Ochando, Carlos Pérez-Medina, Willem J. M. Mulder, and Sjoerd Hak. ACS Nano.

Probing myeloid cell dynamics in ischemic heart disease by nanobiologic hotspot imaging.
Senders, M. L., Meerwaldt A. E., van Leent, M. M. T., 23 others and, Nahrendorf, M, Pérez-Medina, C., Teunissen A. J. P., Fayad, Z. A., Calcagno, C., Strijkers, G. J., Mulder, W. J. M., Nature Nanotechnology.


Inhibiting trained immunity with a therapeutic nanobiologic composition.
Willem Mulder, Jordi Ochando, Zahi Fayad, Raphael Duivenvoorden, A. J. P. Teunissen, Carlos Perez-Medina, Mihai Netea, Leo Joosten, US Patent WO/2019/100044.


Supramolecular interactions between catalytic species allow rational control over reaction kinetics.
Teunissen, A. J. P., Paffen, T. F. E., Filot, I. A. W. Filot, van der Haas, R. J. C.,
Lanting, M. D., de Greef, T. F. A., Meijer, E. W., Chemical Science.


An iterative sparse deconvolution method for multicolor 19F-MRI
Jasper Schoormans, Claudia Calcagno, Mariah R. Daal, Rob Wüst, Christopher Faries, Alexander Maier, Abraham J.P. Teunissen, Sonum Naidu, Brenda L Sanchez-Gaytan, Aart J. Nederveen, Zahi A. Fayad, Willem J. M. Mulder, Bram F. Coolen, and Gustav J. Strijkers. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.


Imaging-assisted nanoimmunotherapy for atherosclerosis in multiple species.
Tina Binderup, Raphaël Duivenvoorden, Francois Fay, Mandy M.T. van Leent, Joost Malkus, Samantha Baxter, Seigo Ishino, Yiming Zhao, Brenda Sanchez-Gaytan, Abraham J.P. Teunissen, Yohana C.A. Frederico, Jun Tang, Giuseppe Carlucci, Serge Lyashchenko, Claudia Calcagno, Nicolas Karakatsanis, Georgios Soultanidis, Max L. Senders, Philip M. Robson, Venkatesh Mani, Sarayu Ramachandran, Mark E. Lobatto, Barbara A. Hutten, Juan F. Granada, Thomas Reiner, Filip Swirski, Matthias Nahrendorf, Andreas Kjaer, Edward A. Fisher, Zahi A. Fayad,Carlos Pérez-Medina, Willem J.M. Mulder. Science Translational Medicine.


Investigating supramolecular systems using Förster resonance energy transfer.
Teunissen, A. J. P., Pérez-Medina, C., Meijerink, A., Mulder, W. J. M., Chemical Society Reviews.

Efficacy and safety assessment of a TRAF6-targeted nano-immunotherapy in atherosclerotic mice and non-human primates. Marnix Lameijer, Tina Binderup, Mandy M.T. Van Leent, Max L. Senders, Francois Fay, Joost Malkus, Brenda L. Sanchez-Gaytan, Abraham J.P. Teunissen, Nicolas Karakatsanis, Philip Robson, Xianxiao Zhou, Yuxiang Ye, Gregory Wojtkiewicz, Jun Tang, Tom T.P. Seijkens, Jeffrey Kroon, Erik S.G. Stroes, Andreas Kjaer, Jordi Ochando, Thomas Reiner, Carlos Pérez-Medina, Claudia Calcagno, Edward A. Fisher, Bin Zhang, Ryan E. Temel, Filip K. Swirski, Matthias Nahrendorf, Zahi A. Fayad, Esther Lutgens, Willem J.M. Mulder, Raphaël Duivenvoorden., Nature Biomedical Engineering.

Light Induced Assembly and Self-sorting of Supramolecular Colloids.
Vilanova, N., de Feijter, I., Teunissen, A. J. P., Voets, I. K., Scientific Reports.  

Supramolecular Polymerization of a Ureidopyrimidinone Based [2]Catenane Prepared via Ring-Closing Metathesis.

Teunissen, A. J. P., Berrocal, J. A., Meijer, E. W., Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry.

Model-driven Engineering of Supramolecular Buffering by Multivalency

Paffen, T. F. E., Teunissen, A. J. P., de Greef, T. F. A., Meijer, E.W., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Directing the Self-Assembly Behaviour of Porphyrin-Based Supramolecular Systems.
van der Weegen, R., Teunissen, A. J. P., Meijer, E. W., Chemistry a European Journal. 


Regulating Competing Supramolecular Interactions Using Ligand Concentration.
Teunissen, A. J. P., Paffen, T. F. E., Ercolani, G., de Greef, T. F. A., Meijer, E. W.,
 Journal of the American Chemical Society.

End Groups of Functionalized Siloxane Oligomers Direct Block-Copolymeric or Liquid-Crystalline Self-Assembly Behavior. Zha, R. H., de Waal, B. F. M., Lutz, M., Teunissen, A. J. P., Meijer, E. W., Journal of the American Chemical Society.    

Scope and Limitations of Supramolecular Autoregulation.

Teunissen, A. J. P., Haas, R. J. C. Van Der, Vekemans, J. A. J. M., Palmans, A. R. A., Meijer, E. W., Bulletin of the Chemical Society of  Japan.


Mechanically Induced Gelation of a Kinetically Trapped Supramolecular Polymer.
Teunissen, A. J. P., Nieuwenhuizen, M. M. L., Rodríguez-Llansola, F., Palmans, A. R. A., Meijer, E. W. Macromolecules.


Development of Methods for the Determination of pKa Values.
Reijenga, J., Hoof, A. van, Loon, A. van, Teunissen, A. J. P., Analytical Chemistry Insights.    

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