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Movie of our hike in Scotland

This movie shows an overview of our hike.

Scotland - Prelude

My colleague Nic had heard me talk about my hikes a bit too often. He had never done anything like it, so in a drunk mood he said he wanted to join some time. Bart (my regular companion on my cycling trips) and another colleague called José also decided to join us. I selected Cairngorms National Park in Scotland as the destination. Three weeks before we left we went to buy hiking shoes for Nic. He had gathered his other gear on Ebay or had borrowed it from others. Nic and Bart also brought a lightweight harmonica. Two weeks before departure we went for a practice walk in a nearby forest. Thus far, Nic was doing fine. José didn't join the test hike because he was in Italy with his girlfriend. There he discovered that his mother in law - which wasn't a big fan of him - had thrown out all his hiking gear. One week before leaving we still weren't sure if José actually had any equipment to bring.

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