South Greenland - Day 4 : Imagine

I woke up around 9:30, Dutch time. I was living somewhere in between Dutch and Greenlandic time zones by now. As it was continuously light out and I didn't meet any people time started to lose its meaning. After breakfast, packing, and brushing my teeth I started walking around 10:20. There was another large hill to climb.

The route ran through a narrow valley with a river and a lake, and therefore became easier to follow. It took some scrambling to end up in the valley and cross to the correct side of the river. At the first lake, I suddenly noticed a bird flying away just a few meters away from me, it turned out to have a nest there. Later I came to a short climb and then a large boulder field. For several kilometers there were only 1-3 meters big rocks. Walking over them was not too hard, but I needed to be careful not to lose my balance. I took a break at the end of the valley to eat and send my location home. Walking went a lot better than yesterday, partly because I was now wearing my long sleeved cycling shirt instead of a hot winter jacket. Those long sleeves were mostly for protection against the mosquitoes, even in shorts and a t-shirt it was still warm.

hiking south greenland
hiking in south greenland
hiking north of narsarsuaq
birdsnest in greenland

It was time to climb out of the valley. On top I was at 1055 m of elevation, while yesterday I had started at sea level. From there on I walked a short section over a mountain plateau covered in a thick layer of snow. A bit later I looked out over the next valley. Unintentionally I said 'my god this is beautiful'. It was one of the best views I had ever seen. I looked out over all the mountains and lakes I would be walking through during the following couple of days, with behind them a glacial lake filled with icebergs and even further removed the granite mountains and Greenland icecap. After the descent, I arrived at the lake which the map suggested as a place to camp. It indicated today's part would take approximately 6 hours, I had done it in 5:50 so that worked out nicely. As it was only 16:10 I decided to keep walking a bit longer.

hiking in greenland
hiking in greenland
valley in greenland

Then followed a lot of stumbling over another endless field of boulders. According to the map there were many lakes here, but in real life there were hundreds more. At 17:40 I felt it was time to stop. It was important I took it slowly the first couple of days if I wanted to last >3 weeks. I pitched my tent at a relatively large like. Then it was time to countdown, at 18:00 it would be two days since I had seen another person. After cooking, sending my GPS location, and lying exhausted on my mattress for a while it was time to take a few photos.

greenlandic swamp

Swampy area, the grassy bumps acted like sponges

camping in greenland
camping in greenland

Completely alone

Meanwhile I listened to some music. While playing 'Imagine' I sat in front of my tent, enjoying the view. That felt really special 'can you imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can?'. Yes I could.


Although I constantly wore shoes and long sleeves I had at least 40 mosquito bites on my feet and arms. Inside my tent were also dozens of dead ones, although I didn't hit any. Some time I should calculated how many of those died from old age, with so many that must be at least a few. Hiking was still going pretty well. The route and weather had been great thus far, as long as I wouldn't get too tired I should be fine.