Spain - prelude

Last year we (Bart and Bram) went cycling in the Alps and it had been raining continuously. This time we want to go somewhere with better weather. After considering Hungary and Croatia we eventually decided on Spain. We plan to take a bus to just north of the Pyrenees and then cycle to the most southern part of Spain. From there we will take a different route back north while also climbing the Pico Veleta, the highest road in Europe. If we have enough time we might also visit Morocco. The total length of the planned route is about 2650 km. In terms of gear we will bring roughly the same as last year, except that we will take less warm clothes and more sunscreen. We also both bought tropical hats. This time we will bring a GPS in addition to our maps. I (Bart) have also bought a MSR Hubba tent, which I will bring instead of my bivy bag. Bram is bringing nearly exactly the same gear as last year.