Spain - Day 3 : Learning Spanish

When we woke up it wasn't warm yet. My tent was wet from condensation on the inside and Bram's sleeping bag had gotten a bit wet from the rain. With some extra clothing on we started our journey into Spain. We continued on the road to Lumbier. After a while we got hungry and rode into some village. We couldn't find a supermarket so I wanted to ask a lady for directions. The only problem was that we didn't know the Spanish word for supermarket and she didn't speak English. She gestured that we needed to wait a little. After a while someone arrived who did speak English. She was able to tell us there was no supermarket. At least now we knew that those are called 'supermercado' in Spanish. We found one a little further. Spanish turned out pretty simple to learn and when you are hungry it's easy to remember the word for supermarket.


The col Aibar, a small one we happened to pass.

spanje 005.jpg

It was still cloudy

spanje 006.jpg

My bike

During the afternoon we cycled over a kilometer long gravel road. I had planned the route using a website that also considered unpaved roads. A while later we had to take a pretty bad dirt road. It was full with holes and loose rocks, I don't think many cars used it. As far as we could see there was nothing on either side of the road. Only barren rocks and sand. After nearly 10 kilometers the road got even worse. We came to a very steep climb that led us to a sign saying 'private' and reached the heart of the dried up wasteland. From there on the road went up and down over gravel roads and passed a few distant farms with barking dogs. One descent was so steep that even while squeezing our brakes we still went too fast. We just slid downhill over the loose rocks. Another section along a corn field followed, according to the GPS we were on a road but it didn't look like it. After two hours of nothingness we arrived back on an asphalt road.


In Cintruenigo we passed through the first village of the day. We bought food for dinner and breakfast and ate in a nearby park. Behind us the local youth was yelling all sorts of languages at us. We pretended we didn't hear them. I smelled a cloud of marijuana drift by. A while later one of the guys came up to us. He asked if we had cigarettes and I noticed he was smoking a joint. He started talking a bit and turned out not too bad. He did try to sell us all sorts of drugs but we explained we still needed to cycle.


It hadn't been warm the entire day but also not too cold. That was nice, as it allowed us to first get used to cycling and then to the heat. Near the end of the day we climbed up through a river valley. At night it did get warm.

cycling vacation spain
spanje 008.jpg
cycling vacation spain

Cloudy but warm

Both today and tomorrow there will be no campsites along the route. In the valley we searched for a nice place to camp, which turned out to be difficult. After about 5 kilometers we found a nice spot hidden underneath a tree. We pitched our tents and ate some more.

cycling vacation spain

The campsite

We climbed a nearby hill to take some photos. The entire slope was covered in wild oregano.

spanje 011.jpg

We had cycled up from this direction

camping in spain

Near the bottom left you can see our stuff.


The route of day 3.

At night it was warm enough to sleep well.

Distance cycled : 173.37 km