The day before departure (shopping day)

The day before our departure we (Bram, Bart and Koen) "briefly" met at Koen's place. We tried to decide if we would bring two tents, or one tent and a tarp. After an hour we still hadn't made up our minds. Bram thought an extra tent would be too heavy, but Koen thought it would be more convenient. Too prove ourselves that pitching a second tent wouldn't take much time we set one up and re-packed it within 8 minutes. When we were in the village center we just 'happened' to meet someone Koen really wanted to see. I don't know how he always knows where his crush Yvonne is. Our plan was to first get groceries and then go swimming, but we spent way too much time in the stores. We visited the Blokker, butcher, baker, action, praxis, Boerenbond and the C1000. All of us couldn't carry anymore. I had a can of soup under my spanners and my hands full. Bram could barely carry his things and Koen carried a bread and two packs of yoghurt. After 10 minutes everyone was ready to start cycling. Near the church we were joking that the yoghurt would fall out in the middle of crossing. Fortunately that didn't happen, but Koen did drop the bread. No lunch for koen tomorrow.

Distance cycled: 4 km