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Veluwe - Day 6 : National park the Veluwe

This morning we did get up before the camping store closed. We made eggs for breakfast. The rest of our food was still edible as long as we ate around the wet parts. Today we went to the national park part of the Veluwe. When we were waiting in line a lot of girls cycled by. There was someone among us that really enjoyed that. We cycled through the park for a long time. It was pretty, but also a bit artificial. After lunch we went closer to the center of the park. Koen said he could make his bike jump and almost succeeded. Bram tried as well and said we probably looked like a bunch of kangaroos. Koen wanted to make a joke about jumping other things, but could restrain himself. 

In the center of the park was a museum which we visited. I know its bad, we're getting older. There was a lot of information about the different kinds of animals that live in the park. 
We wanted to stay until twilight to have a good chance at seeing wild animals. When it got dark we started walking and ended up at a lookout area. There was a class of children who kept running in and out screaming. There wasn't a big chance we would see deer that way so we kept walking. On a small dirt road we suddenly saw a small wild boar. It stood still and kept looking at us. Eventually it walked an entire circle around us and then darted of into the woods. Many parts of the park were man-made. You would see a section of evergreens, then that would suddenly stop and a perfectly square bit of open meadows would start, a bit further were birch trees and yews, then some loose sand.

Because we hadn't bought food we needed to go out to dinner again. Just outside of the park was a small village. We didn't have any cash left so first needed to find a bank. We found one immediately and 30 meters further a snackbar. Finally, some luck. Near the snackbar was an outdoor area with an "electricity museum" across the street. There were a bunch of high power insulators with flower pots on them. We each ate a gigantuous portion of fries. 

The way back to the campsite was easy this time. After Bram's stories about chemistry we went to sleep. We now know everything about back titration, light thingies to determine density, differentdishesbacteriacounters, that are actually named differently but I don't remember what. There were also a lot more thing buttons that go "brrrrrrrrr" when you press them :). 


Our loop through the west of the Veluwe

Distance cycled: 75 km

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