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West Greenland - Day 7 

In the morning it was fortunately dry, although definitely less sunny than before. The barren landscape went on for several more hours but with less rivers, as I was on higher ground now. Slowly the landscape became more green and I could start to see the next fjord in the distance. Despite the fog and clouds I had a beautiful view over the surrounding glaciers below. The huge cliffs making up the fjord were an amazing sight as well. Unfortunately, I would have to descend one of those to reach the water below.

backpacking in greenland

I knew this would be one of the most technical parts of my trip. There was about a 400 meter height difference between my current location and the water, and no easy way down. After scouting the area for about half an hour I found a spot to start the descent. At most sections I could only see about 20-30 meters down and would have to descent without knowing if I could continue afterwards or would have to climb back up again. There were still quite some plants which helped making the soil more solid and gave me something to hold on to. Although I had to pay attention, it wasn't very dangerous.

Qíngua kujatdleg

Later there were fewer plants and mostly steep rock slabs. As it was drizzling some were slippery as well. Very carefully I zigzagged down the mountain while sometimes backtracking if the terrain became too steep. In total the descent took over 3 hours. At the bottom was a sandy area where I pitched my tent and took some more pictures of the fjord. The next day I would be paddling to reach another area, inaccessible by land.

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