Westvleteren - Day 2

My bivybag is supposed to be waterproof, but I had noticed that when it rains hard some water would come in, probably because there would form puddles on the zippers. This time it leaked a lot worse than normal, I am not sure why. It might be that the zippers were in a bad position, also it seems like their glue started to let go. Anyway, the next morning it was pretty cold so I went on my way again quickly. My phone had gotten water in it, so the next pictures are a bit foggy.

fietsvakantie westvleteren 007.jpg
fietsvakantie westvleteren 008.jpg
fietsvakantie westvleteren 009.jpg

I again passed a bank and tried to get some cash, which again didn't work. Fortunately, I managed to get some at the next one, so I could survive. I wanted to buy some food at the local supermarket, but discovered it was closed. That was strange. Then I reached the center of Zottegem and discovered it was only 7 o'clock. That explained a lot. Later I bought some bread and continued cycling through  backroads and farmer fields. The route was nice, but I wasn't sure if I was going in the right direction. That didn't really matter as I had more than enough time. There also was a nice part with real Belgium cobblestones. Not those pretty ones you sometimes see on tv, but those with 5 cm spacing and height difference. Afterwards I felt like I had finished Paris-Roubaix and was completely shaken apart. I decided to just navigate by the sun and see where I ended up. After a few hours I discovered I was only 3 km south of the town I was aiming for. 

Encouraged by my success I continued navigating using the sun. I ended up in the center of  Kortrijk, which is a strange city. I passed through it in 45 minutes and there was construction EVERYWHERE. Finally I found the right road to Izegem where I asked for directions to Ierp. It was about 30 km away. I started to really want a nice Westvleteren beer and felt tired. I forced myself to eat again and put on some warmer clothes. Upon arriving in Ierp I saw a sign saying 'fat intestine blood sausage', suddenly I wasn't that hungry anymore.

fietsvakantie westvleteren 010.jpg

In Ierp were again no signs. I asked four people for directions and they all gave me a different answer. Fortunately, I found a map showing Westvleteren, which was another 30 km away. It was exactly in the direction the wind was coming from. This was actually useful because I could use it to orientate, although there are nicer ways. After a while I arrived, this felt great, but there was no sign of an abbey.

fietsvakantie westvleteren 011-2.jpg

The border of Westvleteren

After again asking for directions it turned out to be another 5 km away, through open fields with gale force headwind. Eventually I made it. The people there looked a bit surprised when they saw me. There was not much to see at the abbey, because there was a big wall around it. However, there also was the bar 'In peace' where you could drink Westvleteren.

Westvleteren abbey

The Westvleteren abbey

cafe in de vrede

The bar 'In peace"

I entered and sat down with a big smile on my face. They had some different types of beer: Westvleteren blond, brown 8, and brown 12. The last one had the strongest flavor and the most alcohol, so the choice was easily made. The waiter came to bring me my well-earned Westvleteren for which I had cycled +300 km through rain and wind.


Westvleteren brown 12

I took a big sip and immediately felt myself relax. By the time I had finished the glass I was even more relaxed than before, I made it! Afterwards I had a look in the store. I wanted to buy a box containing all 3 types of Westvleteren trappist and a glas, but of course I didn't carry enough cash and couldn't pay by card. I just got the glas instead, it was the journey that mattered anyway. There was a map at the store showing all trappist breweries (Chimay, Westvleteren, Westmalle, Achel, Rochefort, Orval, and La trappe), my home town of Westerhoven was also indicated.

fietsvakantie westvleteren 015.jpg

A map indicating all trappist breweries.

fietsvakantie westvleteren 016.jpg

Westerhoven was also shown

When I went back outside I saw that the clear blue sky had turned into rain. This wasn't great as I had left my panniers open so my sleeping bag could dry. Now it was even wetter than before. The wind had also turned so I still wouldn't have it from behind. I decided to cycle as far back as possible today, so I would definitely make it home by tomorrow. Spending three days and nights in the rain isn't too bad, but it is if you can't dry anything. Cycling went well, this time I passed through the center of Ierp, where there was a big church.


Around 21:30 I had passed Izegem and started looking for a place to sleep. There was a protected forest in the area, which looked good. That night I slept without my sleeping bag and mattress because they were too wet. I did keep my clothes on. It again rained super hard and throughout the night. No water came through my bivy bag, but because it was wet I didn't feel very warm.