Day 5 : Headwinds all day

It had been cold at night but we needed to get going. At 8 the bakery would come to deliver bread, so we couldn't leave sooner. To kill time we sat in the chairs in front of the desk to eat. We had bought enough yesterday: a piece of brie, a jar of paté de campagne (which tasted a lot better than it looked) and some jam.


At exactly 8 o'clock the bakery came to the campsite in classic French style. The French are accustomed to arrive in an at least 10 year old Renault Peugeot or Citroën and to either floor it or stand on the breaks. The baker arrived while drifting over the gravel, pulled the handbrake, threw a box of bread on the table, and drove off again.


I saw only one pain de campagne. That meant either our order wasn't included at all, or he had delivered only one instead of two. If this wasn't our order it would mean we would be taking someone else's bread. Bram had a theory  that I agreed with. It was best to take it, because either it was ours, or both we and the person who had ordered this bread would have one bread less. We probably also needed it more.


There were no cols on today's route, but it was still extremely though. It started with all sorts of back roads running through villages with only 10 inhabitants. Along even more roads, with hardly any asphalt left, we continued south over many short but steep hills. The weather was actually not bad today. The sun came through a few times, it didn't rain, and the temperature was nice.  

The remainder of the day we cycled along back roads and with a strong headwind. Everywhere were either fields of gras or fields with rapeseed, so there was no way to hide from the wind. In Givry we needed to obtain another stamp. We found some good pizza baked in a real brick oven. At a store we went to buy something you can only ask for in France. They weren't even surprised when we asked for 'pile and a tampon'. They gave us a stamp and some batteries.

During the evening we climbed, there was no descent. We found a very simple 'camping the muncipal', that happened to open today.

Distance cycled : 150.48 km