Day 2 : Puy Marie

When we awoke the weather was decent. Apparently my pegs had fallen out of my pannier last night, because I found them lying in the dirt. It was nice to know I would have an actual tent to sleep in though. During last vacations it was always fun to watch other people watch Bram getting out of his bivy bag, so I took some pictures of the process.

Bivy bag

Bram in his bivy bag

Bivy bag

Bram getting up

100cols 004.jpg

One of the steep côtes

One of the côtes' descents had just been re-asphalted. There was a layer of gravel on the road, except where the cars had ridden. We had to be careful to stay in the gravel free area, otherwise we would slip away.

100cols 006.jpg

Bram finds out the time, I also immediately knew what time it was.

Cycling through France

The entire day we cycled through this type of landscapes

The Puy Marie would be the only real mountain we had to climb in the first three days. It is well known from the Tour de France, so that was nice. On the map we could see there was a section with more than a 10% incline. The last two kilometers were also very steep. We ate some ice cream at the summit.

Puy Marie

Halfway up the Puy Marie

Cycling up th Puy Marie

Taking a break on top of the Puy Marie

During the descent I had some cars ahead of me. They drove about 50 km/h on the straight sections but were much slower than me in the corners. To save my break pads I passed them. In the valley we stopped for some food. There were people traveling with donkeys, Bram and I agreed we should also try that some time.

100cols 013.jpg

Bram said it was time to shave his legs, but that had more to do with his phone

It had been sunny the entire day. During the evening the weather got worse. Exactly when we arrived at the campsite it started to rain. Fortunately we managed to pitch everything before it got worse.

100cols 016.jpg

This was everything we carried


Near the front desk was a bench where we could stay dry. We talked a bit with the owner and a Belgian guest. They said the weather would get better the next day. 

Distance cycled : 131 km