Day 3 : Some small hills
It wasn't very warm yet so Bram wanted to zip on his pants' legs. He could only find one of them. I said it would be fun if he had really lost it, then by the end of the vacation one leg would be tan and the other one white. We couldn't find it anywhere. Only after packing all our stuff we realized it had been lying under my tent.

100cols 017.jpg

A lake near Montcabrier

In the morning it was foggy and cold. The route was hilly, so cycling was relatively tough.

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Photo from the viewpoint in Rocamadour.

Later it got sunny and eventually even warm. During the evening we came across a stall with food. For 11 euros we bought salad, fries with meat, cheese, a dessert, and a jar of wine. That was exceptionally good food for cycling vacation. Bram didn't drink any wine, but I did. We still needed to climb another col, so I was curious how the wine would affect me. Fortunately, it wasn't that bad. We arrived at a nice campsite. In the village we bought some more food, including a galia melon. We ate more than 10 of those during this vacation. We also wanted to buy beer, but two cans of beer were more expensive than a bottle of wine, so more wine it was. I put half of it in my water bottle, so Bram could drink straight from the bottle. 

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The campsite. There was a small tent selling dried black, green, and yellow sausages, they didn't seem very tasty.

Distance cycled : 135 km