Day 4 : Sunny weather

Yesterday's wine had been finished, but the water in my bottle still tasted like wine the entire day. It was about 30 degrees at two o'clock. We wanted to get some food and water, however, all stores were closed until 3. We waited in the shade for an hour. Inside it was nice and cool and there was music playing. We hadn't heard any since the start of our trip so that was nice, especially when the lady behind the counter started to sing along. 

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Taking a break before the next col

After the next mountain we were out of water again. Bram had read somewhere that another cyclist had got his water from the taps at graveyards. He went to check one out.

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Bram in search  for water at a graveyard

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There was no water at the graveyard. We would need to find some fast because it was super hot. The next village also didn't have store. A local barber allowed us to fill our bottles. France has just as many barbers as bakers it seemed. After a very steep climb about 1 km long and with a 10% incline we reached the village of Puymirol were we found a store. Bram wanted to eat on an empty terrace belonging to a bar. I didn't, because we would likely be sent away by the owners. When we sat down it took only two minutes before someone arrived, he didn't even ask if we wanted anything to drink. He just stood there silently. Luckily, we found a bench 20 meters away.

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Lunch in Puymirol

Last year we only had jam and chocolate spread for bread toppings, now we discovered paté.

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Duck paté

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It tasted better than it looks

This time we stayed at a camping municipal, which are very simple. There was no front desk, instead we had to register in town hall. Of course that was closed already. We just pitched our tents somewhere and went for a drink in a local bar. It was only 22:00 but we were the last people there.

Distance cycled : 141 km